More on Matt Kemp: What To Do, What To Do?

Last night the Dodgers lost to Pittsburgh, 2-1, which was their third consecutive loss. Replacing the injured Carl Crawford, the game marked Matt Kemp’s third consecutive start in left field after having been benched for his poor defense and lack of hitting. Going hitless in four at bats, Kept is 0-12 over the three starts, and he has now extended his hitless streak to 20 at bats. What’s more, in last night’s one-run loss, three times he came up with runners on base, and three times he failed to deliver, though it did take an outstanding play by Pirates’ second baseman Neil Walker to retire him in the 6th inning, with Hanley Ramirez in scoring position.

While most reports have been that despite multiple rumors to the contrary, no teams have expressed interest in making a deal to acquire Kemp from the
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Dodgers, writing on the International Business Times website today, Lou Ramon Aguila has reported that Seattle has interest in making such a deal.

So, exactly what is the trade value of a 29-year-old outfielder who has missed half of the last two seasons, is still physically unable to perform adequately in center field, and barely in left field, and who in a third of a season has produced five home runs and driven in a grand total of 13? Oh, and who also is in the third year of an eight year, $160 million

contract? After over-paying by a factor of at least five for the long-term rights to Robinson Cano, would the Mariners put themselves on the hook for another long, monster contract, but this time not for overrated goods, but rather for damaged ones?

It could be worth the gamble for a team with the American League's worst batting average and
second worst in the majors, and whose current starting outfield trio has hit exactly seven home runs. But, with improved pitching featuring the AL’s second lowest team ERA, Seattle is, with a third of the season in the books, flirting with .500 after finishing 2013 20 games under.

I’m not sure what the Mariners would have to offer the Dodgers for Kemp, but given the situation, taking over two-thirds of the remaining five years of Kemp’s contact and a long-term prospect or two could be enough.

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