Matt Kemp Returns – Is This His Last Chance WIth The Dodgers?

A few brutal weeks after his return from several serious injuries and a couple of surgeries that kept Matt Kemp off the field for most of the last two seasons and the beginning of this one, Kemp’s poor play both at the plate and in the field led to his benching in favor of new regular center fielder, Andre Ethier. Ethier has responded well, and last night has his best offensive game in quite a while, hitting a home run and a triple and driving in four in the team’s 6-3 win over Cincinnati. With Carl Crawford doing reasonably well in left and Yasiel Puig playing lights out in right, it did not appear that Kemp would be playing much anytime soon, especially with the empty uniform non manager Don Mattingly saying that Kept needed time to familiarize himself with playing left field.

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Then came the eight inning last night, when Crawford was forced to leave the game with a sprained ankle, and tonight's lineup will feature Kemp in his place, ready defensively or not.

As I've said in opposition to all those pundits who say TRADE AN OUTFIELDER, with this group, you never know if your will have three healthy guys for any given game. Crawford was laced on the 15 day disable list today, but who knows if he will be ready to play again in two weeks. In his spot, the
Dodgers recalled Jamie Romak, a 28-yea-old journeyman minor league outfielder-first baseman, who was hitting .272 with 13 home runs and 30 RBI at Albuquerque. In 12 minor league seasons (beginning at age 17) Romak is a career .249 hitter in the minors.

So, if figures that Kemp will be in left everyday for a while, especially since almost every other possible choice to play left – Romak, Scott Van Slyke, and Justin Turner – all also bat from the right side. Only switch-hitter Chone Figgins might also get a start against a righty or two. But tonight, against righty Homer Bailey, it will be Kemp.

Let’s see how that works out.

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