Sterling Shame Has Destroyed the Clippers

My opinions regarding Donald Sterling and his racist comments and related issues are discussed in this morning’s post on

But, as the Clippers begin play in this afternoon’s playoff game against the Warriors, at least in the early going, it is a far different Clippers’ team on the court than in the last couple of games. The Clippers’ team on the court now has seemingly given up and no longer wants to win. They are letting Golden State run, shoot, and outplay them in every aspect of the game, and it is hard to tell if it is due to disgust and lack of motivation to win for the team and by implication, for their ownership, or whether they are in fact intentionally giving away the game.

As the Warriors streak further and further ahead, where is Doc Rivers? Why did he not take a timeout when the onslaught began? What part in the team’s early performance today has he had, organizer, willing participant, or pawn?

As I post this, unmolested Warriors’ shooters are at 71% from the field, including seven-of-nine in three-point attempts, and the Clippers’ turnover count over the first 11 minutes stands at eight.

This is a disgrace.

Prove me wrong, and start playing.

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