Clippers Face Hated Warriors as NBA Playoffs Begin

The Clippers and the Golden State Warriors have had a season of confrontation, and that is more than likely to continue as the first playoff series of the NBA postseason begins today.

Ejections, technical fouls, flagrant fouls, and after-game confrontations have occurred through the season, and with Jermaine O’Neal now the Warriors’ starting center due to an injury to Andrew Bogut, more brush-up between him and Blake Griffin are inevitable.

The animosity issues have made the news, taking away from an honest analysis of the

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teams, and when that is done, it is really no contest. The Clippers should win the series easily, as the they dominate Golden State in the frontcourt, on the bench, and in coaching, and when the backcourts are compared, that garbage about the Warriors having the “best shooting” pair of guards in the league does not stand up. I’ll take a healthy J.J. Redick paired with the league’s number one point guard, Chris Paul, any day of the week. Add in the sensational duo of back-up guards in Jamal Crawford and Darren Collison, it’s no contest as to which team is better and deeper in the backcourt as well.

It mystifies me as to how Klay Thompson as a reputation of being such an outstanding player. Look at the stats, and they tell a very different story. Thompson is as inconsistent as they get, with every really good shooting game exceeded by one or more really bad shooting games. Take for example a series of games from late February to early March, where in consecutive games Thompson recorded point totals per game of 17, 6, 17, 18, 12, 6, 19, 8, 25, 12, 25, 18, and 6. One of the best shooting guards in the NBA? Not from where I sit. Granted, he makes a lot of three’s, but, in the great spirit of the NBA’s second all-time most over-rated shooter, Ray Allen, he takes about as many three’s as anyone in the league.

Lifetime, Thompson is a 43.5% shooter, and he has averaged only 16.0 points per game through his three year career. It’s time for this nonsense to end, and the Clippers’ backcourt has to play a big part in it. They have started out well, and as I write this, and as the first quarter has just ended, Thompson has scored all of two points, going one-of-five, including zero of three on three-point

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But the games will more likely than not be decided up front, where Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan will have their way against the likes of O’Neal, who at 34 is well past his best day, and who in fact could not compete at their level IN his best day.

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