The National League West Today and Tomorrow

The National League West Today:

Dodgers 4-1
Giants 3-1
Padres 1-2
Rockies 1-3
Diamondbacks 1-5

Write it down and keep it secure. Refer to it when the season ends, as it will be what you see on September 28, the final day of the 2014 regular season.

No, the Dodgers won’t play .800 ball for the season, and Arizona won’t play .167 ball, but the Dodgers, despite the devastation of the Australia trip, wrecking havoc on the back of

Majestic L.A. Dodgers 2014 On-Field Triple Climate 3-In-1 Jacket

Clayton Kershaw and the elbow of Brian Wilson, will walk away with the awful NL West. The resurgent Giants, with improved hitting and outstanding pitching, will make a run, but fall short. No other team in the division will approach .500. Bud Black and his young and enthusiastic Padres will be the class of the also-rans, laying to waste the pitching thin Rockies, and the awful, overrated, Diamondbacks, put together in the image of their miserable jerk of a general manager, Kevin Towers.

Of course, LA baseball fans may never know that the Dodgers run away with the division. It will be little

more than a rumor to most of us, like 70% or more of us, who do not have access to TIme Warner Cable, not that we would want to further enrich them after they engineered the plan that is depriving most Dodgers’ fan of ever seeing our team play.

Just like Time-Warner’s deal with the Pacific-12 and their PAC-12 Network, which through its two year history remains unavailable for pretty much that same 70%, as it is not carried by DirectTV, Charter Cable, and many other cable systems, the Dodgers’ cable network is an illusion to the vast majority of Dodgers’ fans. News today was that DirectTV and Time Warner broke off further

negotiations for them to carry the Dodgers’ network. As to Charter, Cox, AT&T, and so many others, who knows if any negotiations have even been held.

So, when Matt Kemp returns to the Dodgers’ lineup tomorrow, as expected, when, Zack Greinke runs the field as the new ace of the pitching staff, when Dee Gordon solidifies himself as the everyday second baseman, when Chris Perez shows the baseball world he’s the biggest bargain of 2014, doing lights out work as the bullpen set-up guy while Wilson rehabs, and as a truly spectacular array of talent makes up for the empty uniform non-manger Don Mattingly to run away with the division, fans far and wide will know by reading newspapers, surfing the net, listening to sportstalk, and listening to Charlie Steiner on the radio. And, if they can afford it, by occasionally taking in a game at the statium.

But no, not by watching games on television.

Not now, maybe not ever.

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