Did Robinson Cano Already Wear Out His Welcome?

On December 7, 2013, I queried “why in the world did Robinson Cano become the most overpaid human being in the history of the world?”

My answer was: “…because he is a decent ballplayer who is the best of a very average group of largely aging and injured hitters, in a marketplace where fiscal stupidity reigns? With no 25-year-old Alex Rodriguez, with no Albert Pujols or Josh Hamilton, and certainly with no Mike Trout or Bryce Harper in the free agent pool, general managers with virtually unlimited bank accounts needed someone on whom to outbid each other, dangling obscene amounts of money. Cano was all there was.”

Well, as spring training is barely underway, Mr. “All there was” may already be wearing out his welcome, where his new employer is stuck owing him a mere $24 M for each of the

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next ten years. Without even playing a for real game.

It seems that Mr. “All” thinks that what he signed was not a contract to play second base, but rather a

contact to become the Mariners’ brand new general manager.

Looking around camp, Mr. All has seen what has been patently obvious to most baseball fans, that his Mariners are not a very good baseball team, and that they REALLY could use a few good players, besides himself, of course.

Well, the problem is that unless you’re a dead steinbrenner or Guggenheim Baseball Management, you have only so many big bucks to throw around on talent, and Seattle shot their wad on Mr. “All”. So, his recent comments to the third estate about just what Seattle management should be doing regarding improving the team are not going over too well. All he did, for gosh sakes, was to say that the Mariners should have been in contention to sign “several free agents” this past off season.

To review, Mr. “All” first criticized the make-up of the team as being too left-handed hitting heavy, and in need of more righty swingers. He then mentioned the still unsigned Kendrys Morales, who he indicated that as a switch-hitter would be a good guy to re-sign. Apparently Morales would be enough of an additional on offense to make him happy, as the only other batter he mentioned was

Nelson Cruz, who left the free agent market a few weeks ago.

Mr. “All” then addressed the team’s pitching staff. First he brought up the still available Ervin Santana, praising his ability and his propensity to remain injury-free. Finally, he lamented the team’s failure to sign Ubaldo Jimenez.

Funny, Mr. “All” can talk about this player and that player, and how the team should have been more active. But does anybody recall him ever admitting that maybe, just maybe, the team was unable to sign any player of any substance because of the little matter of going on the hook to pay HIM that little sum of $240,000,000? I also don’t recall him offering to give back some of the money for the good of the team.

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