Lakers Throw in Towel, Now Dumping Salaries

On the eve of last night’s rematch against the Rockets and the ego man D-eee Wight Howard, and as the trade deadline approached, it became clear that the 2013-2014 Lakers’ season was officially over, as word spread that the team had traded Steve Blake to Golden State for a box of cereal and a chipped bowl.

As I write this, I am anxiously awaiting to see to which team Jordan Hill will be dispatched this morning, and as to whether or nor Pau Gasol, Chris Kaman and a couple of Staples

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Center ushers will be sharing a cab with him to LAX.

By trading away Blake, the Lakers will save in excess of $4 M in salary and luxury taxes. They also lose one of the team’s hardest workers and team players, something that never rubbed off on the ego man when they played together. Blake goes to the up-and-coming Warriors, who are in sorry need of just such a versatile player who can back up both backcourt starters, Stephan Curry and Klay Thompson.

LA and the Lakers may not have seen the last of

Blake, through, as a soon to be free agent, it would not surprise to see him re-signed by the Lakers for next season.

In exchange for Blake, the team received the comedy team of Bazemore and Brooks, not to be confused with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, or even Tom Davis and Al Franken, though Sen. Franken may be a better outside shooter than either of these guys.

Kent Bazemore is a little-used second year undrafted guy who has played some at point guard and some at shooting guard, and apparently also some at small forward, that that all adds up to no more than a dozen full games of playing time over a year and a half in the league. My guess is that his future with the Lakers is that he has none. The other guy, though, might have some promise. Maybe.

MarShon Brooks is in his third NBA

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season and has racked up much more playing time than Bazemore, though he has been a travelin’ guy through his career, having been a first round draft choice of Boston, who then traded him to the Nets, where he got to play for awhile, then lost his job and was traded back to Boston, who eventually traded him to Golden State, who now traded him to the Lakers. Got all that?

Anyway, rumor has it that Brooks can actually shoot and some pundits have said that he is another project who could benefit from another chance under Mike D’Antoni, as have the likes of Kendall Marshall, Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry, etc.

After the trade went down last night, the remaining

Lakers took the court, and were totally embarrassed by the Rockets. WIth Blake gone, HIll and/or Gasol likely to follow, with Kobe and others still question marks as to any return to action in the near future or this season at all, expect many more games like that. And after they played so well against the Thunder just a couple of nights ago. How quickly things can go bad, so very, very bad.

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