Refs Don’t Let Lakers Play Four-Against-Five Versus Overmatched Cavaliers

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2023-2014 Los Angeles Lakers are so good, that they would have, had the rules permitted, played the last few minutes of tonight’s game at Cleveland with only four players, against the Cavaliers’ five.


Well, with the depleted roster (see last post) the Lakers started the game with only eight able-bodied players, and then saw two of them get hurt, and a third foul out. Down to only five players, when Robert Sacre was charged with his sixth foul, the Lakers actually had only four players left. However, NBA rules require that last guy who fouled out to stay in the game, assessing a technical foul against the team, and had he, Scare, committed any additional fouls, each would have also been accompanied by a technical.

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Despite all this, after leading by as many as 28, the Lakers hung on for a 119-108 win.

Jordan Farmar made his return after missing several weeks with his second torn muscle of the season. He was outstanding, scoring 21, including hitting five-of-eight three pointers and passing off for eight assists, until he suffered a calf muscle pull and missed most of the second half. Mr one-dimension, nick young, was the other Laker inured, suffering a knee injury early on, after hitting one of his five shot attempt, He will have an MRI but Farmar hopefully

will not miss any time.

The injury situation was compounded by a spate of fouls from the two remaining big men, Scare and Chris Kaman who is finally getting some playing time. But, he only could stay on

the court for 14 minutes before fouling out, be in that limited time he scored 13 points on six-of-seven. In his second game back, Steve Blake went into the final couple of minutes with five points for the game, after being shut out in his first game back, but he hit two big threes in those final couple of minutes.

As a team, the Lakers hit a season high 17 three-pointers, including three from Ryan Kelly who had a game high

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26 points and who is really proving himself now that he is getting a chance to play significant minutes. The Cavaliers, on the other hand couldn’t hit anything away from the basket, making an astounding five of 33 on threes, for a 15.2 shooting percentage.

Unless these is some magic healing done or the team signs somebody, anybody, they could go into their next game Friday against Philadelphia with even less than the eight bodies they had at the start tonight.

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