When Are Not Enough Guards Too Many Guards?

Uh,…. never?

After struggling for weeks with five guards on the injured list, the Lakers are about to get three of them back at pretty much the same time, but the health of the team is still suspect and the unquestionably best player on the court for them this season, and the leader of the front line, Pau Gasol, is now injured and out for perhaps two weeks.

As Steve Nash and Steve Blake return tonight and Jordan Farmar tomorrow, there is unseen before depth at point guard, but a giant hole in the middle with no Gasol and with the permanent resident of the D’Antoni Dawghouse, Chris Kaman, still questionable as to any likely playing time. How quickly the worm can turn.

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Speaking of Nash, supposedly he will grace the court tonight against Minnesota for about 12-16 minutes, then sit out tomorrow’s game against Cleveland, when Farmar will make his return,

while Blake is being re-inserted at the first-string shooting guard. What a deal the Lakers made to sign Steve Nash! Jimmy and Mitch and the dead Jerry in his crimson & yellow grave must thank their collective stars every night that they managed to outbid the rest of the NBA to get an 80-year-old walking corpse of a ballplayer for only $9.5 M per year. He’s played 134 minutes so far this SEASON, scoring 40 points and passing off for 29 assists, productivity is in the Jason Schmidt realm (three wins at $16 M per over three seasons).

On today’s KSPN710 Lakers’ pregame show, the Kia Motors Shootaround, the issue of Nash’s return came up, with again a suggestion that he do the right thing and RETIRE. Host Dave Shore then opened his mouth to make the outrageous comment that the Lakers owe it to Nash to let him stay on the roster, playing on those rare occasions when his crotchety old body feels like playing. THE

LAKERS OWE IT TO NASH???? Bull-Crap! The selfish, over-the-hill Nash, who turns 40 in three days, owes it to the LAKERS, who are giving away $9.5 M per year for NOTHING, to do the right thing and QUIT.

Nash is no lifelong Laker. He is not Magic Johnson or Elgin Baylor or Kobe Bryant. He is stealing the team’s money and they owe him nothing.

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