It’s Been a Bad Week For the Ego Man

The second most over-rated player in major sports history – next to Masahiro Tanaka who is guaranteed $155 M without ever throwing a pitch in a major league game – one Dwight Howard fka the Laughing Man and now in spirit and in reality as the Ego Man, has had a pretty rotten week.

First and foremost to his giant ego, is the fact that voters have deemed him not good enough to be a starter in the upcoming NBA All-Star game, losing that spot to a guy who can actually play the game and isn’t an egotistical bastard, Kevin Love. Howard’s fall from acceptance to apathy with fans is reflected in his drop from over 3 million fan votes for the 2009 All-Star game to a paltry 650,000 this year. He could have texted in that many himself.

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Far down on the list as to what is important to Howard is the fact that his Houston Rockets have totally tanked this week, thanks in large part to his play, losing back-to-back game to Memphis. Yesterday, the Grizzlies held D-eee Wight to a grand total of 11 points, and despite a sensational game played by Chandler Parsons that included 10 first half three-pointers, the Rockets went down at home, 88 to 87.

It was far worse today, as the Rockets traveled to Memphis, with the body of Dwight if not the soul,

and were blown out by 18, 99 to 81. D-eee Wight regressed even further, scoring a grand total of 10 points, as Zack Randolph had the run of the court, and dominated the inside, scoring 15 in 30 minutes but pulling down 17 rebounds. As a team, the Grizzlies out rebounded D-eee Wight’s Rockets 52 to 38, shooting 47% while holding Houston to a disgraceful 37%. D-eee Wight himself failed to achieve even that lofty stat, shooting 36%. Over the two games, he also shot 38% from the free throw line.

The Lakers have been in a tailspin since Kobe’s latest injury, and despite their underachieving record, massive cache of injured players, and sinking fan support,

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they are still significantly better off without the Ego Man. The Lakers’ future is infinitely better situated than Houston’s burdened with the ever-present big buck contract albatross of D-eee Wight.

If the coaches who pick the reserves are smart come Feb. 16 the Ego Man will be watching the game on TV, with more deserving players such as DeAndre Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki, DeMarcus Cousins, and one of my personal favorites, David Lee, showing off their talent and their dedication, not laughing at defeat as does the Ego Man.

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