Baseball’s Big Story is Not Tanaka or A-Rod but New Security Rules

At a time when the baseball world is just getting off the A-Rod high and and is now seeing headlines of the yankees “winning” the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes, the real baseball story of the year so far is about new security rules that will require metal detector screenings at all MLB parks by the beginning of the 2015 season.

There are two different ways to look at this development, one based on fantasy and corporate profit and the other on reality and safety. Unfortunately, too many people believe the former and disdain the truth of the latter.

The former is the right wing fear tactic so well propagandized by fox news and the writers of the Patriot Act. Their corporate partners, which include new MLB partners in crime, CEIA USA Ltd. and GSIS, have made fortunes praying on the fears engendered by these “statesmen” who have made every flier remove their shoes before boarding an airplane based on a single failed

attempt at secreting an incendiary device in a shoe 12 years ago.

As the same time, these same people and that same fox news, along with the lobbying organization of the firearms manufacturing industry, also known as the NRA, has blocked passage of any type of reasonable background check or gun purchase regulation or gun registration measures that actually would protect the citizens of this country. That is the reality that makes such new MLB security and safety measures appropriate.

So long as any fox-news–believing dolt with a militia mentality and so long as any mentally disturbed person can walk into a gun show and come out in minutes with a firearm, and so long as anyone can order a thousand rounds of ammo on the internet, metal detectors at public gatherings cannot be called a mistake. Inconvenient, an individual insult, an assault on privacy, an embarrassing public moment, all yes as well, but in
Super Bowl Feb. 2

today’s environment where gun interests rule the day, where an ex cop can take out a gun and shoot to death a fellow movie going for texting, no one is safe, anywhere.

It’s not the “terrorists” with a political or religious agenda we need to fear, it’s our fellow citizens with a gun, and MLB is probably right to impose these new security measures. Let’s just hope they are not put in place a year too late.

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