Jim Rome – Is He Serious?

I’ve never been a big fan of Jim Rome. Years ago when there was not much else on local sports radio I would listen to him occasionally, but I have seldom if ever watched any of his tv shows. I don’t often watch the CBS football pre-game shows either, as fox (totally separating their sports and entertainment sector from their vile propaganda arm) week in and week out does a far superior job on their football pre-game show, with infinitely more interesting and entertaining commentators than the consistently boring CBS group making a clear difference.

But, at 11:00 am PST today, CBS came on with their show, leading up to the AFC Championship game, and as there was nothing else worthy of my background noise as I worked, I tuned to their endeavor to inform and educate, as fans waited impatiently for Peyton and Brady to get going.

So, as I hear the name “Rome” mentioned, I look up, and see his face for the first time in years, and hear him talk not about CBS’ AFC game, but rather about the upcoming Seattle-San Francisco NFC matchup, and in particular about Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh, and I hear him say one of the most asinine statements ever uttered by a network commentator. He said they hate each other

because they are the same. Absolute bull crap.

Granted, they are both dedicated competitors who possess significant football smarts. But once you get away from the Xs and Os, there is no similarity whatsoever. Harbaugh is a decent guy with nary an inkling of deceit or other wrongdoing ever associated with his coaching*, while on the other hand, Uncle Petey is the poster boy for a criminal mindset, managing to stay one step from the line, throwing his teams and players under the bus as he rakes in millions.

I’ve written so much about Uncle Petey over the years (much was summarized in this post awhile back), but for the sake of comparison, his record includes, among so much more:

What was called lack of oversight, but what was in reality a committed effort to keep players happy with illegal benefits, by welcoming onto his sidelines and into his locker room every thug, thief,

Super Bowl Feb. 2

and con man in the western US, which resulted in his star players, including reggie bush and joe mcnight getting caught. mcnight was the lessor culprit, getting a car and other small stuff, but the bush case re-wrote the record book for corruption, with he and his family receiving not just the widely publicized $300,000-plus in free rent, but also cash, free flights, free hotel rooms, and significant debt payoffs. It is of interest as well that new NCAA rules tightening up the oversight requirement are called the Pete Carroll rules, and have now ensnarled his former protege Steve Sarkisian for his U of Washington staffers paying out thousands of dollars to the father of one of their recruits.

The biggest tragedy of Uncle Petey’s college days was, though, the Dave Watson affair. Assistant Coach Watson was addicted to drugs and for a period of years, and under Uncle Petey’s watch regularly received his supply form the usc medical staff, all the while driving a usc vehicle. It came to a head when first Watson, while under the influence caused a horrific traffic accident, critically and

permanently injuring an innocent passenger, and then when Watson admitted it all in Court for a usc-engineered plea deal keeping him out of jail, just as the usc legal team did for bush, despite his blatant fraud in accepting his booty while lying to the agent-provider that he would be his for eternity. bush eventually was sued and paid back several hundred thousand dollars, and it was when Uncle Peter was ordered to testify in bush and Watson civil cases, after his initial failures to appear, that he took the millions and ran off to Seattle, leaving his school with years of devastating NCAA sanctions.

It is no coincidence that Uncle Petey’s Seahawks have been under his tenure both the most violent team in the NFL, playing with no regard whatsoever for inflicting serious injury upon opposing players, and the team with the most suspensions over the past three years for illegal performance enhancing drug violations.

Carroll and Harbaugh “the same”? Not in this universe.

*Harbaugh did have a DUI almost a decade ago.

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