Los Angeles, Where Point Guards Go To Die

On paper, Los Angeles’ NBA teams have some of the greatest point guard talent now, or ever, with the likes of future Hall of Famer Steve Nash and current number one on most lists, Chris Paul, along with solid veteran Steve Blake, Multi-talented NBA returnee Jordan Farmar, and young and talented Darren Collison. Add to that list Kobe Bryant, who assumed the position out of need over his few Lakers’ appearances this season, and Xavier Henry who also did so when there was no one else. Save for Collison, that is also a list of the significantly wounded.

All basketball fans are aware of what has transpired with the Lakers, with Nash being a virtual non-entity due to an assortment of injures, Blake tearing an elbow tendon, Farmar suffering two separate hamstring tears, Bryant breaking a bone in his knee a handful of

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games back from his torn Achilles tendon, and Henry, as a last resort at the spot, also getting injured. And now tonight, the Clippers have joined the party, with Paul suffering a separated shoulder that will keep him out for several weeks.

Thus, Collison for the Clippers and D-League signee Kendall Marshall for the Lakers are IT for Los Angeles-based point guards.

Following Paul’s injury, Collison did pretty well, as the Clippers went on to defeat Dallas. His three-point shot was not there, going zero-for-three, and he did

commit four turnovers, but he scored 20 points, and the team got the win. The only other point guard on the roster, Maalik Wayns, has been recovering from knee surgery, which is interesting because he was activated before the game, and likely for the purpose of giving him his release. Now, the question is, is he healthy enough to stay on the roster, and actually get on the court?

The Lakers ended their embarrassing six game losing streak, defeating Utah, in part due to a strong performance at point guard from Marshall, the guy who would be listed sixth if they had a depth chart for the position. In only his fourth lifetime NBA start Marshall played 41 minutes, scoring 20 points, passing off for 15 assists, and even collected six rebounds. But this was, after all, against Utah, and their rookie point guard, Trey Burke, who has generally underwhelmed so far this season.

For the first-place Clippers, a dose of the reality of the next

five or so weeks will be on tap tomorrow, as they play the Spurs. the Lakers next game is Sunday against Denver, but then they play Dallas and Houston, before meeting the Clippers in the AEG/No-Point-Guard Classic.

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