Worst Two Weeks Ever for the Lakers?

On the evening of December 17, the Lakers had just won two out of their last three games with Kobe Bryant playing. They then found out that he had suffered a new injury that would keep him out of the lineup again, for several weeks. Despite that, the team knew it would soon get Jordan Farmar back, and the schedule would be easier at the end of the month, as the year finished up with games against some of the league’s worst, in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Utah. Well, the Lakers have been unable to beat anybody, losing to Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Utah, and are starting the new year with a six game losing streak, and with Farmar having suffered a new injury that will keep him out for the next month as well. And the schedule now gets tough, very tough.

After Friday’s game against Utah, who they lost to last Friday, and then Denver, the Lakers then play Dallas, Houston, and the Clippers. And, perhaps the worst news of all, the rumor

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mill is full of talk of the team shipping Pau Gasol off to Cleveland, for, ready for it ….. Andrew Bynum.

They say it would be only a salary dumb, with Bynum to be released as soon as the rules allow. But what if they keep him? The often injured, often suspended Bynum is just the addition the moribund Lakers need. I wonder if he can play point guard? Speaking of that, with Steve Nash, Steve Blake, Xavier Henry and Farmar all injured, who will back up newcomer Kendall Marshall? OR will he have to play 48 minutes? What if there is overtime?

Anyway, now that it appears that Kyrie Irving’s injury is nothing serious and that Cleveland will continue to be in pursuit of a playoff spot, getting Gasol would be extremely attractive to them. For the Lakers, it would be only the loss of Gasol and a $20 M savings following the dump of Bynum, at about the time he arrives back in SoCal. Reports that

Gasol is not as sick as he claims have not helped keep him happy and in a rah-rah-LA mood, and maybe it is time for him to go elsewhere. In the reality of sports being dominated by financial concerns over all else, it is still extremely difficult to accept giving up a star player like Gasol and in effect getting no talent in return.

Just imagine the team that has lost six in a row now playing Houston, Dallas, and the Clippers with a D-League salvage job as the only point guard, and no Gasol. Remember, besides all those guards being hurt, so now is Chris Kaman.

I had high expectations for this new look Lakers’ team,

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but as the new year began, I expected to see Blake and Farmar at the point, next to a now healthy Kobe, and a front line of Gasol, Kaman, Hill, and Johnson getting most of the playing time, with an explosive Henry coming off the bench, and major contributions from Jodie Meeks and Rookie Ryan Kelly.

The best laid mice of plans and men.

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