trojans Beat Up on Over-Rated BullDogs While NCAA Fangs Are Coming

trojan brain surgeon faithful are rejoicing today after their favorite group of underachievers beat up on a bad Fresno State team that had compiled an illusory record that earned them a bowl bid. Fresno State went into yesterday’s Las Vegas Bowl with what looked like an excellent 11-1 record, but a little bit of investigation (just like the NCAA does), reveals that was a pile of crapolla. Fresno State’s record was compiled against a schedule of teams that won a grand total of 63 games while losing 85 over the season.

They played such stalwarts as the University of Hawaii and Idaho, each of whom recorded 1-11 seasons. If Hawaii sounds familiar, brain surgeons, it’s because the trojans also had

the Rainbows on their schedule this season. While the brain surgeons dominated Hawaii, winning easily by 17, Fresno St. barely escaped by five points in what would have been an embarrassing loss.

So, yea, trojans, celebrate your big 25 point win

against Fresno St., but keep in mind that the NCAA is again on your tail, with your new head coach very likely to face personal sanctions for his violation of what can be called the USC/PETE CARROLL rule, passed after the years and years of brain surgeon responses of

“I didn’t know” to evidence of so many serious violations.

In case you missed it, since 2012, a head coach is absolutely, positively responsible for the violations committed by his staff members, unless the coach can prove to the NCAA that he “promoted an atmosphere of compliance” and constantly monitored his staff. Otherwise, brain surgeons, for letting his pal and chief recruiter Tosh Lupoi the freedom to dole out thousands of dollars to cement the commitment of at least one recruit, Steve Sarkisian could find himself sanctioned and quite likely

suspended for some period of time, by the NCAA.

It was announced after yesterday’s game that second interim head coach Clay Helton would be a member of Sarkisian’s staff, so he’ll be available to step in once the NCAA tells Sarkisian to stay home for a few weeks.

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