Dodgers’ Cannot Afford Another Devastating Mistake

Guggenheim Baseball Management has done most things right since taking over ownership of the Dodgers, from retaining Ned Colletti as the general manager, to reinstating a well-run and well funded international scouting department headed by super-scout Bob Engle, and to using a strong amount of common sense in dolling out the millions of dollars they have spent for on-field talent. They have, however, made one monumental blunder so far, and they seem, at least according to media reports, intent on making a second one.

The first blunder is of course retaining the empty uniform non manager don mattingly, making the Dodgers a billion-dollar team with a 2¢ manager.

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The second, potential, blunder, is the still possible trade of the team’s best young talent for David Price.

It seems apparent that Dodgers’ management believes the team needs another quality starting pitcher, despite the presence on the roster of Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke at the top of the rotation, followed by last season’s sensational rookie, Hyun-Jin Ryu, newly acquired Dan Haren. Battling for the fifth spot are two quality pitchers who hopefully will be in pitching shape after serious 2013 injuries, Josh

Beckett and Chad Billingsley. For insurance is another 2013 rookie who did all they team asked filling in at various points during the season, Stephen Fife.

Yet, the team has been one of the top contenders for Japanese star Masahiro Tanaka, who now may be off the table, thanks to efforts made by the Rakuten Golden Eagles to keep him happy and in Japan. Thus, re-enter trade rumors about Price.

At a young age, Price had some amazing performances, and one sensational season. He has gone downhill from there, and I have said I think his best days may be behind him. What has been rumored as being offered for Price is shocking, or should be shocking, to any Dodgers’ fan – some type of package that involves one, two, three, or perhaps all four of the organizations top prospects, pitcher Julio Urias, third baseman Corey Seager, outfielder Joc Pederson, and pitcher Zack Lee.

Maybe the best thing the Dodgers have going for them

to LOSE OUT on Price is the fact that with the exception of Lee, all of these prospects are one, two, or even three (especially in the case of the prize of the group, 17-year-old Urias) years away from the big leagues. Tampa wants prospects, but prospects who are on the verge of playing in the majors, not guys whose time away is measured in not months but years.

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So, Detroit, Seattle, and the rest, feel free to make your best offers, and best of luck in swinging a deal for Price.

On other possible blunder the team has made involves second base. The Dodgers’ have put all their eggs in the Alexander Guerrero basket, letting every major-league level second baseman they had go to other teams – Mark Ellis, Skip Schumaker and Nick Punto. They must firmly

believe that Guerrero, who has never player a professional game in the US, can step in and be the everyday second baseman, but if he is not up to the task, all that is left would be Dee Gordon and Justin Sellers, neither of whom has any real experience at second base and both of whom were utter failures trying to fill in at shortstop last season. The team should be looking to sign an experienced insurance policy for second base now, and now wait until the season is approaching.

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