Pete Carroll Taught Sarkisian Well

The criminal enterprise that Pete Carroll, Mike Garrett, and Tim Floyd ran under guise of the usc athletic department, as it turns out, was also a training ground for cheaters, as recent stories about the brain surgeon’s new coach Steve Sarkisian are demonstrating.

For years, Uncle Petey and crew violated every NCAA rule in the book, from welcoming the criminal underground onto his sidelines and locker room, to seeing to it that his star players had really nice rides, to making sure they had the cash to buy the biggest, loudest,

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most rad entertainment systems for their dorms. Recruits knew where to come to enjoy the easy life while they played for Uncle Petey and Timmy.

One of Uncle Peteys’ first proteges to

get his own gig was of course Lane Kiffin, who failed miserably in the NFL with Oakland, but then distinguished himself by immediately running afoul of both the SEC and the NCAA, not to mention other coaches, while enduring his short tenure as the head guy at the U of Tennessee. Kiffin never got caught for anything while running the brain surgeon program, but he sure didn’t win anything either.

Now, as Sarkisian is getting settled in trojanland, in only a few days two stories of violations have been uncovered. On Dec. 9, I wrote about his blatant disregard for high school rules while trying to muscle his way in to see a recruit at Narbonne High School, and now the LA times has documented serious recruiting violations by one his his top Washington huskies’ assistants, Tosh Lupoi, who Sarkisian wanted to bring along to SoCal.

It seems that Lupoi, a defensive line coach and top recruiter, in violation of numerous NCAA rules, provided a

recruit $4,500 to pay for private tutoring and on-line courses to make up for poor grades. It turned out that the recruit did pick the Huskies, but that the $4,500 was wasted, as the recruit still failed to qualify academically at the school. In the best spirit of the “I KNOW NOTHING” Petey-Garrett-Floyd era at sc, a Washington spokesman issued a statement

that Lupoi “denies any wrongdoing or violations of NCAA rules. He said he doesn’t know why he would be accused of this and vehemently denies doing anything wrong.” Just perhaps the guy who took the cash from Lupoi and who used some to pay for the tutoring course and who gave the rest

to the recruit’s father to reimburse him for the online classes has a slightly different story, including how cash was stashed in brown paper bags and styrofoam coffee cups.

By the way, have you noticed that with Brandon Browner’s second suspension announced today, Uncle Petey’s Seahawks have now had seven suspensions for substance abuse since 2011? Petey may not be violating any NCAA rules while in the NFL, but he and his guys are still on the wrong side of the law.

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