Lakers’ Newest Point Guard: Kobe Bryant

The Lakers went into the 2013 season with a supposed log jam at point guard, what with the team thinking that a healthy Steve Nash would be the starter playing most of the minutes, with back up Steve Blake playing much of the time, at least in the early season before the return of Kobe Bryant, at shooting guard, and with the returning Jordan Farmar filling in and backing up.

They could not have been more wrong.

As I said repeatedly, Nash would never be healthy enough again to play more that a few minutes per game, if that, and of course he has not played at all in a full month. Blake, if you care to check, has been hurt almost as much as Nash, and now again, is out for an extended period. For the record, Nash appeared in five more games last season than Blake.

Majestic Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Camo Pullover

The young, energetic, athletic and exciting Farmar, unfortunately has suffered his own injury, has been out ten days, and will likely miss another two weeks or so. Between the three, that’s $15 M in point guard salaries not playing.

So, with the rest of last season’s less than capable point guard crew long gone, what is left to put on the court? First, what is not left, and what idiocy did the radio pundits come up with today? Well, one of them said the Lakers need to resign Darius Morris. Well, Morris has of course found a home in Philadelphia as

the back up to Troy Wroten, and is averaging career highs in minutes per game, 16, points per game, 7, and assists per game, 2.6. One suggested, Chris Duhon, who shot 38% and averaged two points per game last season and who is out of the league. Another even mentioned Andrew Goudelock, who has taken his own lifetime 38% shooting percentage and four points per game average to somewhere other than the NBA.

Nope, the answer for now is there, on the team, and until Farmar gets back, and ultimately Blake, the first string Lakers’ point guard will be Kobe Bryant, and it begins tonight in Oklahoma City in his third game game back from his eight month long recovery from his ruptured Achilles tendon.

A lot to ask? Maybe not, as watching him in those first two games, he seemed hesitant to yet try to take over games as he has done throughout his career, and setting up and passing off might just be perfect as he rounds back into

shape. A couple of weeks of that until Farmar returns certainly seems to be a workable plan. The major problem is who is his backup? Likely Xavier Henry, and possibly Jodie Meeks, and most likely a combination of them both.

Tonight’s game will be the perfect tryout for the new alignment, a game against a tough team, with one of the NBA’s top two point guards, that the Lakers would not be expected to win even at full strength. Cant’ wait to see it.

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