Self-Centered Egotist Sarkisian a Perfect Fit at USC

There was a great column in today’s LA Times by Steve Lopez that sheds a lot of light on just who is the guy picked to lead the trojan brain surgeons’ football team in the foreseeable future. Lopez captures the true character of Steve Sarkisian in relating an event that occurred just last month while he was still in the employ of the University of Washington, and was on a recruiting trip to his old homestead, Los Angeles’ South Bay area.

It seems that the Sark travelled to Narbonne High School to visit with a recruit who he thought would have a great old time coming north to Washington and playing football for the Dawgs, and he wanted to talk to the recruit about just that. Unfortunately, schools

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have rules about such things, but that wasn’t about to stop Mr. Sark.

So, as related by Lopez, on this fine November morning, while Mrs. Bennett’s third period US Government

honors class was busy preparing for life in the real world, there came an intrusion from a school aide who told her that one of her students needed to go to the athletic office. Said Mrs. Bennett: “No”. This was soon repeated, as a second aide came with the same request, and she received the same authoritative “No”. Five minutes later, a school counselor came to Mrs. Bennett’s room and the now thoroughly steamed Mrs. Bennett again repeated the same response.

Not long thereafter, there came a knock at her classroom door, and lo and behold, there stood the school’s football coach and the Sark himself. Mrs. Bennett was not happy about a

fourth interruption to her classwork and after exchanging niceties, she informed him that she was unimpressed by celebrity, and that he NEEDED TO FOLLOW THE RULES which clearly state that all such recruiting conferences be held AFTER SCHOOL.

And don’t go assuming that Mrs. Bennett is anti sports. In

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fact, the opposite is true, as she had previously served as Narbonne High’s Athletic Director, and knew Mr. Sark from his days as a star athlete himself at another South Bay school.

Narbonne Principal Gerald Kabota fully supported Mrs. Bennett and reportedly was upset at school staffers who, unlike the teacher, melted in the presence of a real big time football coach and ignored the rules, over and over again, to please Sarkisian. The recruit also is quoted as supporting Mrs. Bennett in putting his education first.

Barge right in, Sarkisian, the rules aren’t meant for YOU! Do you hear that NCAA? Get ready.

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