The Afternoon After UCLA 35 – brain surgeons 14

In the annals of UCLA-brain surgeon gridiron battles, the name of one Bruins’ quarterback stands out among all others, and that is Cade McNown. Throughout the 83 games played between the two schools, he is the only UCLA quarterback to beat the brain surgeons four times, and only Paul Cameron, Wayne Cook, and now Brett Hundley have done so twice.

Coming into this season, Hundley was among a handful of Heisman possibilities, but his and the team’s mid-season crash ended any thoughts of that. Hundley has said he will not decide his future until after the Bruins play their bowl encounter, location and opponent to be determined, but the thought of one or even two additional victories against the crosstown opponent, and that Heisman thing, have to weigh hard against the NFL. Former trojan over-rated media darling Matt Barkley came back for that final season, had his

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body partially re-arranged by Datone Jones in last year’s epic Bruins battle, and ended up a spectator in Philadelphia as Nick Foles has become a star. Hundley can’t help but think about that as he decides whether his

immediate future is Westwood or the NFL.

On the brain surgeon front, the Mr. Ed bandwagon has now totally driven off a cliff. Like I said last night, you can beat up on the also rans and even the Stanfords, but if you don’t beat UCLA and Notre Dame, the diamond-stuffed alumni and boosters will revolt. They WANT to spend, spend, spend on a big name new coach, like the gop on the pentagon and the Koch Bros. on anti-Affordable Care Act propaganda.

The have lost any chance for Kevin Sumlin who has now agreed to a long-term extension at Texas A&M (of course, there is that Alford Rule that means long-term coaching contracts mean nothing) but with John Fox about to return to the Denver Broncos, smart money is again on Jack Del Rio being Pat Haden’s new toy.

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Another note of interest from the game was the fact that when trojan center Marcus Martin left the game with a knee injury, he was replaced by sixth year senior Abe Markowitz, the son of former Bruins’ linebacker Barry Markowitz. The seldom used Abe had missed two full seasons due to injuries, and though he successfully petitioned the NCAA for additional eligibility, the always kindhearted Lane Kiffin refused to keep his scholarship available.

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