UCLA Bruins v sc brain surgeons and Tomorrow’s Biggest Questions

As the struggling Bruins are set to face the resurgent trojans tomorrow evening in the venerable Coliseum, which was stolen from Los Angeles taxpayers by the thieves of Figueroa Ave in a backhanded deal replete with insider dealings and politicians who care more for tommy trojan than for the taxpayers they represent, how and if the young, inexperienced Bruin’s O-line can protect Brett Hundley will go long and far in determining LA’s college football future.

Sc’s newfound success under master recruiter Ed Orgeron will have its most important test tomorrow, and his future as the brain surgeon head guy likely depends on the outcome. Wins over Stanford and Colorado and the like are all well and good, but the overpowering wealth and demands of trojan alumni demand more, and in most of their minds, that means a big name and a big contract. Beating UCLA tomorrow would only reenforce the

feelings of the average fan who is far from the financial standing of trojan alumni and boosters, but it would still seem necessary to placate the diamond-studded crowd who pay Pat Haden’s salary. After a week that saw three Bruins undergo surgery following last weekend’s fiasco against

Arizona State, the decimated offensive line and how well it can protect the star QB will be THE key to tomorrow’s outcome, whether UCLA still reigns in LA, and whether ole Ed will be sending out his resume.

The offensive line let Hundley get sacked nine times last Saturday, and with Simon Goines gone and the line spots now filled by one top veteran in Xavier Su’a-Filo, sophomore center Jake Brendel, and a parcel of underachieving freshmen, apparently named Redmond, Benenoch and Quessenberry (not Dan, he’s dead, and that was spelled

Quisenberry), Brett will be running for his life from sc’s outstanding defensive front. Time to haul out the play action, draw, and screen pass, huh? Maybe even a sprint option or a reverse or two?

The Bruins will have Devin Fuller and possibly Damien Thigpen back tomorrow, and every even semi-healthy body will be a help in what has become a

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very disappointing season where the team started out in the top 20 with nary a brain surgeon to be seen, and now finds itself a single spot ahead of the new-look, no-Lane trojans. there is, however, little chance that Jordon James will be back, and likely Malcolm Jones is out as well.

That season can end on a high note, through, despite no PAC-12 South title, no PAC-12 title game, and no major bowl, with a drubbing of the brain surgeons that could mean both a decent bowl and the end of the Ed era.

One final disgusting note. It was reported that uncle petey, who took the money and ran as the courts were closing in on his criminal enterprise, made some sort of a video to urge his trojans on. A handful of ex-players were featured in the video, but strangely, the name reggie bush was missing from the list. He must have been out back, hiding in the crate his Heisman was shipped in.

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