More “Dumping of the Psycho” and How the Lakers Are Better Off

Late last night I wrote about the saga of the meta tag psycho artest thing that used to play for the LA Lakers, and his 2013 Lakers’ replacement, one Wesley Johnson: “Dumping of the Psycho & Other Moves Paying Off For Lakers“. If you haven’t read this, please do so before going forward, as my following comments pick up with tonight’s Lakers’ and New York Knicks’ games.

In Denver, the Knicks lost their eighth in a row, thanks in no large part to any sort of contribution from the psycho. He got into the game for all of four minutes, again playing behind the immortal Iman Schumpert, just long enough to miss two shots, and for the

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second straight game going scoreless. In fact, over his last three games, he is now one-of 12, scoring a total of two big points.

As to the Lakers’ win over the Detroit Pistons, it was fueled by great performances from again Jordan Farmar, but also from Shawne Williams, and one Wesley Johnson, who shot nine-of-11,including six-of-seven three pointers, scoring a game high 27 points in only 33 minutes. He also pulled down six rebounds and blocked three shots, while committing only two personal fouls.

It’s hard to imagine a more significant improvement at one position from one year to the next, where nothing was given up by the team, and in fact, the salary of the replacement is greatly reduced and the new player is significantly younger. I expect to see many more days when Johnson outscores the psycho by 27 points, with the Lakers winning and the Knicks losing.

An interesting development in New York is that the team has said that the psycho has been suffering from a sore knee, limiting his playing time, but tweets from his brother have said that the psycho has no knee injury but he has not been playing much for other reasons.

Other reasons? Like, maybe, the fact that he cannot play NBA caliber basketball?

There was also a psycho quote in the NY media the past week where he said that when he came to the Knicks, he did not even know who was their coach, and that, and he actually said this, that he “didn’t care. It could have been Aunt Jemima.”

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