Dwight Howard Finally Wins a Game for the Lakers

The Lakers struggled through a miserable 2012-2013 season, losing game after game due in large part to the awful play and lack of team play from the Ego Man, the laughing man, the overpaid, overrated, Deee-Wight Howard. He finally won a game for the Lakers tonight. Unfortunately for him, he was wearing a Houston Rockets’ uniform at the time.

Howard played well on defense and pulled down 14 rebounds, but the rest of his game was, well, interesting, if not hilarious, to say the least. The Lakers were able to play a casual game of Hack-a-Howard, as Deee-Wight hit a solid 31% (5-of-16) from the free-throw line, most in the last five minutes of the game, including a couple when in the

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last minute the Rockets made a major error by throwing an inbounds pass in to him, so he could be fouled in the last two minutes without the loss of possession.

But, other than Steve Blake’s last second three point shot that turned the score around giving the Lakers a two-point victory, the highlight of the game was when Howard was defending Wesley Johnson under the basket when he tipped a shot it, giving the Lakers two points, in a game the Rockets lost and the Lakers won, by a single point, 99-98.

Overall, the Lakers were very lucky to win a game in which they were very sloppy and in which they committed way too many turnovers, 24, and at key moments. There were also many, many questionable calls, with the Lakers seldom if ever getting any benefit, or seemingly, fairness, from the officials. Houston, despite Howard, hit on 33 of 52 free throws. 52? Yep. The Lakers hit a significantly better 73% from the line, but only had 15 chances, converting on 11 of them.

But, other than the missed free throws and Howard’s penchant for scoring for the Lakers, the game was won from way outside, as the Lakers hit 16 of 35 three-pointers, including that last one from Blake, who continued his early season pattern of hitting from behind the arc, and no where else. He was four-of-six on three pointers, one-of-four on closer shots. Jodie Meeks was the

Lakers’ top scorer with 18, thanks to hitting five-of-seven on threes.

In even more ways, the 2013-4 Rockets game tonight resembled most of those played by the 2012-3 Lakers. Howard, as described above, was the centerpiece, but also eerily similar was James Harden playing the part of Kobe Bryant, leading his, team, doing everything humanly possible to will a victory, and scoring 35 points in the process, only to see the game stolen away by the largess of one D. Howard.

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