Did Mattingly Overplay His Hand Making it Dodgers or Nothing?

Word late today was that the empty uniform non manager Don Mattingly will be honoring his option year and managing the Dodgers in 2014, without a contract extension or any promise for the future.


Earlier, there were reports from numerous sources around baseball, and reported on ESPN by Buster Olney, that Mattingly’s performance on Monday has pissed off more front offices than just the Dodgers, and that maybe, were he to high-tail it out of SoCal that maybe he just might not be near the top of anyone else’s hiring list.

The powers that be running other teams look at his short-lived “ultimatum” that he did not want to work on the final year of his deal and that if they wanted him to perform, they needed to give him a contract extension as being in the same situation as with a player, under contract, who holds out for a long term deal. That scenario goes over not well for players, and apparently is regarded by ownership as even worse when

done by a manager.

So, after his little performance, it seems that he likely had no where else to to, to the detriment of the Dodgers. Every day that the empty uniform non manager is in the Dodgers’ dugout it is a day of despair for fans and a day of shame for management. It looks like there will be many more of those days in the coming year.

The other victim – besides Dodgers’ fans, that is – is the guy over by third base, the best untapped managerial candidate in baseball, who has paid his dues as a minor league manager and as a major league coach, Tim Wallach. One has to wonder why Wallach continues to stay with the Dodgers when they have had every opportunity to make him the manager. In fact, the club announced today the he
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would be back coaching for the Dodgers next season.

Unless the Giants pull a major turnaround, and with the possibility that Arizona manager Kirk Gibson could take the Detroit job, the NL west figures to be just as bad next season, and a team, any team, even one without a major league manager, that can win more games than it loses, can run away with the division title, making that empty space in the manager’s uniform look sorta like he knows what he is doing.

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