Mattingly: “Not Stan Kasten’s Guy”

That’s what the pundits are saying about the empty uniform non manager Don Mattingly, that when an outfit comes in, pays $2 B for a business, puts a successful and experienced guy (Kasten) in to run things, he should have the right to pick HIS guy to run the show in the trenches.

That is the pattern almost always followed when a new boss takes over a major league sports franchise.

The real question is why it did not happen a year ago, when Guggenheim Baseball

Los Angeles Dodgers NL West Championship gear

Management bought the Dodgers and partner Kasten became the head honcho?

So, now we hear from the mouth of the empty uniform non manager that the team doesn’t love him, that he should not be fored to continue working under the existing one year deal, that for him to be all fuzzy in his Dodgers’

Blue, he needs the security of a multi-year deal.

Well, the Dodgers need the security of a manager who has an inkling of what he is doing.

Remember Walter Alston, the greatest manager in Dodgers’ history (sorry, Tommy, but

the facts do not lie)? Well, ole Smokey was in the Dodgers’ dugout for 23 years, and NEVER had more than a one year contract. Ever.

All of this brings new hope that Donnie will take his hurt feelings and go elsewhere. The Detroit job

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just opened up, isn’t that a lot closer to his home in Indiana?

Today, the Dodgers announced the firing of Donnie’s bench coach and good bud, Trey Hillman. A could of days earlier, advance scout and also Donnie bud Wade Taylor was also told bye-bye. Some might consider these acts some kind of a sign.

But then again, Donnie isn’t the brightest bulb around and all of this may just be going over his head.

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