Mattingly Shows Ignorance with “America’s Team” Remark

As the Dodgers prepare to face St. Louis in game six of the NLCS, the empty uniform non manager Don Mattingly has shown his ignorance of everything SoCal by making the ridiculous statement that he thinks the Dodgers have become “America’s Team”.

Where to begin.

First and foremost, that term is in and of itself disgusting. It is once and always associated with the Dallas Cowboys, having been a marketing term bought and paid for by Jerry Jones, and flaunted by him and his vast enterprise, as they raked in a fortune shoving it in the face of football fans across the country. The novelty wore off as his team tanked, and as the country learned what an ass Jerry Jones is.

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As far as baseball is concerned, the Atlanta Braves took up use of the term for their own marketing purposes, associated with Turner Broadcasting’s TBS, one of the first “Super Stations”, and broadcasting Braves’ games across the country. The term was explicitly used to increase TV ratings, as all the world wanted to watch the Braves, “America’s Team”, on TBS. Or so they told their viewers and anyone else who would listen.

But after that, it was Mattingly’s yankees

who became associated with the term, as they attempted to buy every star player in baseball to become “America’s Team”. That actually worked for a short while, but as all good things must come to an end, it died on the vine as did New York success on the field.

For Mattingly to say that the Dodgers are “America’s Team” as he did for the reason that fans across the country wanted to see the Dodgers win games five and six in order to stretch the series to seven games, is beyond ludicrous. Poll baseball fans across the country and you’ll uncover more Dodgers’ haters than lovers, ESPECIALLY now-a-days when the recent history of team
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ownership went from the thoroughly disgusting Fox News to the slightly less disgusting but more obviously self-centered Frank McCourt to the well-moneyed Guggenheim Baseball Management folks who, as millions of citizens go hungry, are un- or under- employed, and are struggling to survive on a daily basis, willy-nilly throw tens of millions of dollars at the feet of overgrown kids who play ball for a living.

There are also quite of few LA sophisticates who would never be caught dead rooting for something so uncouth as “America’s Team”; that’s for the hicks in Hooterville or Mayberry, not for the dudes who hang at “W” in Hollywood. But it’s also NOT for the average Dodgers’ fan, those of us who grew up with Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale and Steve Garvey and Bill Russell and Fernando Valenzuela and Mike Piazza, those of us who hated the Giants and heard the boos in Philadelphia and Cincinnati.

“America’s Team”? Not on your life. The Dodgers are LA’s team, and no one else’s. And thinking otherwise is a big part of Mattingly’s problem.

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