Mattingly Rewarded as Best Team Money Can Buy Faces Elimination

All of the horrible moves, all of the missed opportunities, all of the dissension aside, as the Dodgers’ face elimination from the playoff race this afternoon, it now appears that the powers that be, that have lavishly spent their money on ballplayers good, bad, healthy, injured, overpaid, and underpaid, have now, according to reports, decided to give the empty uniform non manager Don Mattingly another season to not win a World Championship.

As the talent-laden Dodgers limp through the National League Championship Series and today’s likely elimination, the Dodgers seem intent on continuing a trend that began with the hiring of Joe Torre – the asinine infatuation with ex-yankees. Torre got the team just this far as well, and never further. As Torre was leaving, the McCourt ownership

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granted Sir Joe one last wish, naming his protege as his replacement. That fact constitutes the total sum of Mattingly’s qualifications to be a major league manager.

I can see it now: Next spring, the Dodgers will have

a couple of more overpriced, fragile players on the team, at least one of whom will suffer a significant injury before May 1, joining Hanley Ramirez, one of the outfielders (pick any one; maybe two), and one key starter on the DL for a couple of months. The team will start out 25-35, and then as players slowing round into shape and return to action, the team will get hot, likely again will the piss-poor National League West Division (unless the Giants come all the way back), but again have no home-field advantage, and get blown out in the playoffs.

Sure, the Dodgers could win today, go back to St. Louis and sweep to get to the World Series, and even win it. The New York Giants may even will a game this season. But the chances of either are pretty slim.

Guggenheim Baseball Management, this is the future of the Dodgers with Mattingly.

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