As Game Three Begins….

After two tough to take losses in St. Louis, the Dodgers just took the field for game three at Dodgers’ Stadium. After driving home only one of 16 runners in scoring position and scoring zero runs over their last 21 innings of play, the team does have both Andre Ethier and Hanley Ramirez, broken rib and all, back in the lineup.

Inside stuff from various sources reveal that though the empty uniform non manager Don Mattingly has committed only one grievous error in the two games so far, and while the team knows he cannot hit for them, there are considerable grumblings among players, and Mattingly is not the most popular guy around the team right now. Pinch-running for

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Adrian Gonzales in the eighth inning of game one, with the free-swinging Yasiel Puig up and swinging free, which resulted in a force play taking the speedy Dee Gordon off base while ending Gonzalez day of work all too early, was a bad move that represented a lack of clear thought.

Rookie lefty Hyun-Jin Ryu is pitching against St. Louis’ veteran ace Adam Wainwright, and while any lefty has an advantage going in against the Cardinals, Ryu has yet to show he’s a big time clutch performer. There is no time like now to start, however.

Rumors also abound that Mattingly will again bypass Ricky Nolasco and come back on short rest with both Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw. If the Dodgers go down 0-3, he will have no choice but to do so. The strategy will come up if the Dodgers win

tonight and what he then does with the rotation, down only one game to two.

On another note of great interest as far as the future of the Dodgers is concerned, it was learned over the weekend

that major league racist and anti-Semite Steve Lyons and his play-by-play partner Eric Collins, each of whom never let accuracy get in the way of a broadcast, have been let go by the team. Word actually came from a tweet from Lyons, but the it appears to be a done deal, with several new additions to the Dodgers’ broadcasting teams needed for next season’s inaguration of the team’s very own cable channel.

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