This BIG Lakers’ Lineup Actually Works

Last year’s Lakers’ fiasco of a team and of an attempt at a “Big” lineup was a dismal failure, but out of the ashes, a Phoenix may be rising – a new, if you will, Twin Towers, that plays together well and can win games. Mike D’Antoni started both Pau Gasol and Chris Kaman in tonight’s exhibition rematch with Denver, and Bria Shaw’s guys were no match for them. Unlike the laughinbg man refusing to be a team player and work with Gasol last year, Pau and Kaman looked like they had been playing side-by-side for years. Many years; Many productive years.

In 24 minutes, Kaman scored 12 points (5 of 11) and collected seven rebounds, while Gasol scored 14 (6 of 11) with eight boards in 25 minutes, and each had one block. With these two guys leading the way, the Lakers led 48-31 at the half, but barely held on for a 90-88 win. Of course, the end of the fourth quarter saw a Lakers’ lineup that included not Kaman and Gasol, but Robert Sacre and Elias Harris. And, beside the long term injures keeping
Ryan Kelly and Kobe Bryant out, Jordan Farmar and Wesley Johsson were also still sidelined by hopefully minor injuries.

Steve Blake had a good game off the bench, and Farmar’s injury is giving him a chance to re-establish his spot at back-up point guard,

a spot that needs to go to Farmer.

Speaking of Kobe, he was back in the US and at the game, following his latest trip to Europe for whatever mystical non-FDA-approved witch doctor procedure that was the weekly special. The actual procedure, called “Orthokine” was something he had twice in

2011, and after skipping last year, returned for a re-up due, as he said, to the fact that his achilles injury has kept him from running, and he thus felt the procedure would be beneficial as a precautionary measure to keep his arthritic right knee safe and sound. Kobe and the team are silent as to any current timetable for his return to action. I am, however, sticking by my original opinion that it would not be before January.

However long it takes, Lakers’ fans have no worry. Former Lakers’ center Vlade Divac has now

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been quoted as saying the Lakers are an “elite team… [that is] going to do better than last year” and that they are “one of those teams that can win the championship”.

So, fans, relax and enjoy; it’s in the bag!

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