Could NFC East Be the NFL’s WORST Division EVER?

One-fourth into the season, the National Football Conference’s East Division is clearly the worst, most pathetic division of the NFL’s eight, and maybe, at least for the start of a season, the worst grouping of teams ever.

The four awful teams, Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia, and the New York Giants, collectively have won four games while losing 12, but two of those wins (and two of the losses) were within the division, so against the rest of the league, the division is two and ten. The two wins were Dallas over the 1-3 Rams, and Washington over the 1-3 Raiders. Coherent arguments could be made to throw those back.

NFC East teams have been outscored by 126 points, 355 to 481. The next most outscored division is the NFC West, outscored by only 46 points. The Giants and Philadelphia have given up the most points per game of any teams in the league – yes, more than

even Jacksonville – and Washington is also in the bottom ten, and Washington and Philadelphia have given up the most yards per game of any NFL teams.

The Giants have been awful all season, with the Eagles and ‘Skins almost as bad, but the Cowboys appeared at the start to be a shade better, as

their record out of the blocks indicated. But then last Sunday against the Chargers, 1-2 going in, they showed up for one of four quarters, scoring 21 in the second period, and losing the rest of the game 30-0. In so doing, the Cowboys’ defense allowed Chargers’ QB Philip Rivers to complete an astronomical 83.3% of his passes (35 of 42).

Tomorrow, two of the league’s three worst teams, and the NFC’s two worst, Philadelphia and New York, play. It won’t be pretty. But even uglier will be the battle in Texas, when the league’s very best Denver Broncos play the Cowboys. Those Broncos, well, actually

Bronco QB Payton Manning, has completed his attempts all season at a rate almost as high as what Rivers did last week, 75%. In another battle of league leaders, Manning has thrown the most TD passes of any quarterback this season, while Dallas has given
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up the most passing TDs of any team, and are also ranked 27th in the league in pass defense. These two teams have not met since 2009, but Denver has won their last four meetings.

Washington players and coaches are likely pleased to have the week off, and the extra time could pay off as their next game is against a team they can beat. Of course, it is another NFC East team, the Cowboys, who will be coming of their embarrassing loss to Denver.

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