Is It Do or Die For Mattingly?

While I’ve given him some measure of credit for the Dodgers’ second half surge to first place in the National League’s West Division and their first playoff spot since 2009, I’ve always been critical of the empty uniform non-manager, Don Mattingly, who should never, ever have been given the Dodgers’ job in the first place.

But it’s funny now after he weathered the storm that at one point had him days, if now hours, away from the ax, only to win the division and now face rumors that unless the team wins at least the first playoff series, that he will be fired.

ESPN’s Buster Onley said as much this morning with KSPN’s Steve Mason and John Ireland. Olney re-iterated the fact that new Dodgers’ management is just as unenthusiastic

about Mattingly as are well-informed, intelligent Dodgers’ fans, and he stated his insight that if the team doesn’t win this first series against Atlanta, that it might well be the end of the line for the empty uniform.

The fact that at least two very intriguing managerial names may be available this offseason

makes this really big news. As I wrote a few days ago, it’s really likely that Joe Girardi has managed his last game in New York, and while the Cubs and Nationals have inside tracks, should the Guggenheim moneybags come calling, it would seem hard for him to resist. But, as a lifelong Dodgers’s fan and equally fanatical scumstripe HATER, the thought of three straight ex-yankees as Dodgers’ managers is a bit hard to accept.

But then there is the other guy. It’s probably 50-50 that Mike Scioscia will remain the

Angels’ manager, and if he is cut loose, that is the guy the Dodgers’ would absolutely, positively HAVE to hire as manager, no ifs, ands, or buts!

Should the Angels let Scioscia go, I also would not be surprised to see them pile Arte Moreno’s available bounty in front of Girardi.

Wouldn’t that be a nifty way to start next season, with Scioscia managing the Dodgers and Girardi managing the Angels?

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In their pre-playoff poll of reporters, ESPN’s staff voted 26-6 that the Dodgers would defeat Atlanta in their Division series. While the team has lots of question marks as to who is playing and where, there is little question as to the pitching staff, and with Clayton Kershaw set for games one and if necessary five, the guy who has led baseball with the lowest ERA now for the last three straight seasons, is their big weapon, and the reason why Dodger’s management may not get that opportunity to say syanara to mattingly.

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