More “Big Man” Stuff Polluting NBA News

A couple of days after the NBA was abuzz with the info that Shaquille O’Neal was now a team owner, you can’t look at a sports site or newspaper sports section without being blasted by some other “news story” involving the critically tall.

First, we have the laughing man, former Lakers’s reject Deee-Wight Howard, telling the world, or at least telling “Blogger in Chief” Kurt Helin, that his signing with Houston was an awesome personal sacrifice, costing him soooooooooo much money, but that he did it because he just wants to win soooooooooo much.

What garbage. First of all, anyone who watched him play with the Lakers last season would have serious doubts as to just how dedicated he is on the court. Virtually every bad play, bad call, and otherwise critical moment that went against the Lakers was

greeted by a hearty laugh and a big smile. Deee-Wight was dedicated to one thing, and that thing was NOT winning, it was Deee-Wight. And second, Deee-Wight, I GUARANTEE you the Lakers will win their next NBA title before Houston wins one.

Next, and also on the Lakers’ front, they have now signed former UCLA Bruins’ big man, and former Buck, Warrior, Raptor, Net, and Knick, Dan Gadzuric. At 35, Gadzuric isn’t getting any better, and he hasn’t been much good in for few years. Granted, he’s played very little over the last five years, but it’s been five years since he last hit over 44% on free throws, and for his career is under 50%. Just what the Lakers’ need. If he, somehow, should actually make the team, he could pull down some boards and play some defense, but his fouls per game will exceed his points per game, easily.

Across the aisle at Staples Center, the Clippers have invited a couple of questionable sorta big guys to camp. One is former Alabama power forward JaMychal Green, who was signed last year by San Antonio but never made it into a game before being released. The

other guy, Louis Amundson, would seem to have a shot at the Clippers’ roster. The Clippers would be his tenth NBA team, and though he is also a terrible free throw shooter (45% lifetime), his scoring per minute and rebounding per minute stats are not bad. He
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could give the team ten decent minutes a game.

I, for one, would much rather see the 30-year-old Amundson on the Clippers’ roster than the one-dimensional and long over-the-hill former Laker, 37-year-old Antawn Jamison.

Finally, and back to the Shaq-Kings, the new owners who are doing their best to make happy their inconsistent and sometimes volatile team centerpiece, DeMarcus Cousins have signed him to a contract extension that will pay him more than $15 M per year for four years. I guess Vivek Ranadive and his partners are going the Las Vegas route (hear that, Maloofs?) in team management, gambling the house as soon as they walk in the door. Could he become a star around which a winning team is built? Well, yea, it could happen, but the odds are better that in four years he’ll be a back-up in Toronto or Charlotte.

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