Cheapskate Yankees Alienate Fans, Likely to Lose Girardi

1. How to screw up a bobblehead night.

I’ve been to many a Dodgers’ Stadium bobblehead night (during the equally cheapskate McCourt and Fox ownership years – I honestly do not know if it’s the same now under the Guggenheim ownership) and always wondered why, if Dodgers’ Stadium holds about 56,000 fans, would they have only 50,000 bobbleheads to give out? It always seemed like a chintzy thing to do, to have roughly 10% less bobbleheads than the number of fans in attendance. But, the cheapskate yankees are far, far worse.

Most baseball fans have heard about the Mariano Rivera bobblehead fiasco, where the dolls were not delivered to yankee Stadium by the start of the game, and fans were given vouchers to redeem for them later on. Later on turned out to be the third inning, and

fans ended up in lines all around the ballpark, missing much of the game to redeem their papers in order to obtain the Rivera dolls. But, hidden in the news reports was the fact the the magnanimous yankees actually only ordered the ludicrously low number of 18,000 dolls to satisfy the legion of

Rivera worshippers, and for a stadium that promised to have every one of its 50,291 seats occupied by a fan desirous of leaving with a Rivera doll in hand.

2. Bye-bye, Joe.

It looks pretty clear that yankees’ manager Joe Girardi has had it with the yankees’ circus, in particular the dead steinbrenner offspring that now run the show. Contending with the hip-roid a-rod mess is reason enough to skedaddle out of town, but being forced to play such underwhelming talents as worthless vernon wells and the rest of the .220 hitters Brian Cashman acquired over the past year is also a big part of the picture.

If Joe decides he does still want to manage, he has a home awaiting with Theo Epstein and the Cubbies. That team actually does have some nice young talent now, and a real manager (sorry, Dale Sveum) could produce a big turnaround next season, despite the team being saddled

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with one of the five spots in baseball’s toughest division.

But, it is just as likely that Girardi will take a year or much more off from managing, and return instead to the broadcast booth. Why endure the tsuris when you can make similar money at a fraction of the stress?

If a bidding war should erupt for his services though, my money would be on the Nationals. They are the talent laden-underachieving team that could be a contender for the World Series for several years to come, and it would be Girardi’s perfect situation where all he would have to due is write down the same eight names on his lineup card every day – no more flipping a three-headed coin to decide between Jayson Nix or Brendan Ryan or David Adams.

I wonder if Hal has considered this trade, Girardi for Davey Johnson? And a few thousand bobbleheads.

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