Get Well Soon, Liz Fogg

Liz Fogg's Broken Glasses - After Meeting Edwin Encarnacion's Bat

Liz Fogg’s Broken Glasses – After Meeting Edwin Encarnacion’s Bat

Friend of theHoundDawg and Arizona resident Liz Fogg was minding her own business yesterday evening while sitting in the 12th row of the first deck at Chase Field, watching the Toronto Blue Jays play the Diamondbacks, when Edwin Encarnacion swung at a pitch, lost control of his bat, and saw it fly into the stands. Liz apparently didn’t see it soon enough, and the bat struck her in the face.

Yahoo! Sports put a picture up of Liz bleeding profusely in the stands, which I think was in poor taste, and I will not show it here, but here is a picture of her broken glasses. Liz spent several hours in the ER, and x-rays did show a broken bone, but hopefully it will not require surgery.

Coincidentally enough, my good friend Deborah Carney, Liz’s mother, is still recovering from a concussion that she suffered a couple of weeks ago.

Get well soon, Liz, and Debbie too.

And guys, you have to be careful out there!

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