UCLA Football – Continuing Where We Left Off

Last year constituted major turning points in UCLA football, one good, one bad, one very obvious to everyone, the other, only obvious and/or vitally important to some.

The hiring of Jim Mora as head coach, and some of the moves he has made, including finally handing the ball to Brett Hundley and switching Anthony Barr to defense, has turned the team on the field into not just a potential BSC bowl caliber team, but an exciting, vibrant team, whose every play one needs to see, whether it’s a third and 20 from their own 15, when Hundley might just as well run or throw for a first down, or whether it’s an opponent’s punt that might be blocked and returned for a touchdown. And there is turning point number two.

A year ago, the lord high potentate Pacific-12 commissioner, one Larry Scott (who you all know from his ass-kissing of, and rule-shattering on behalf of, the late Jerry Buss), and his gang of game thieves, went into the TV business, forming the Pac-12 Network, which somehow is actually a

group of seven networks, but that’s too complicated and irrelevant for now.

The bottom line is that Pac-12 football games not important enough for the likes of CBS, ABC, and those top ESPN slots, games that used to be broadcast on local fox cable outlets or second or third tier ESPN outlets, or some cable networks that seemed have have been put together the night before with spit and tin cans, are now the sole and exclusive province of the PAC-12 NETWORK.

Not bad, you say? Think again. As we sit 14 months into the Pac-12 Network, millions of Bruins’ fans, and others, including theHoundDawg, remain shut out. Neither DirectTV, which says they have over 20 million subscribers, none of whom is theHoundDawg, nor Charter Cable, which has millions more, and through which theHoundDawg does receive

his television programming, yet carries the Pac-12 Network, depriving millions of Bruins’, Bruins’ alumni, Bruins’ fans, and even those interested trojan brain surgeons, from watching Hundley and the rest of the No. 21 ranked team roll over the likes of the Nevada Wolf Pack.

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This is a disgrace and Bruins need to let the Pac-12 know what we think. I tried finding a direct way to contact former Harvard tennis player and European History major Scott, to no avail. But, you can send messages to the Pac-12 Network HERE.

The Bruins have a killer schedule this season, ranked 21st toughest in the country by schedule guru Phil Steele, and it features such awful timing as having to play back-to-back road games at Stanford and then at Oregon. But this team may be able to handle what they have been given. Too bad the fans won’t be seeing much of it.

From Oct, 2012: Pac-12, UCLA Continue to Say “Screw You” to Fans

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