It Ends Not Well for Ted Lilly and the Dodgers

A few years back, I wrote a post or three about the unfortunate shoveling of Dodgers’ money ($47 M of it) into the undeserving wallet of one Jason Schmidt. Schmidt rewarded the Dodgers’ largess by appearing in all of 10 games over his three years in the Dodgers’ employ, winning three, at a cost of more than $15 M per win.

Well, four years after Schmidt was last a member of the Dodgers, so too has come the end of the Dodgers’ career of Ted Lilly. The team traded for Lilly midway through the 2010 season,. and he did well, winning seven games. The guys who called the shots for LA then

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determined that it would be a good idea to re-sign Lilly, to numbers approaching Schmidt-esque riches – three years for $33 M

Well, Lilly did better than Schmidt. but not by much. Lilly started 2011 horribly, but had a decent second half of the season, and actually managed to stay healthy enough to start 33 games, winning 12. Of course he lost 14; not quite what you’d expect from a guy making in excess of $10 M.

He started 2012 well, winning five games by late May, but that was it for him. He did not pitch again in 2012, spending the rest of the year on the DL, and he then spent most of 2013 there as well, making only five appearances this season. Lilly and the Dodgers parted company on July 25.

So, for the $33 M paid to Lilly, the Dodgers received 17 win, at a cost of $2 M per. Granted, a better investment than the one made in Schmidt, but really, not by much.

It could have been worse – they could have given that money to Joe Blanton.

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