NBA Team Ass-Kissing of Dwight Howard is Disgusting

I want nothing more for the LA Lakers and basketball in general to see the laughing man, the irrepressible Mr. Ego, the ONE-MAN-TEAM, the SAVIOR of any decrepit franchise, MR. Deee-Wight Howard, take is ego and his overblown “talent” OUT of town. And, it is bad enough to see the folks from Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, etc offering him their first born and their souls for his signature one the dotted line, but when I see the Lakers’ hierarchy, including Kobe Bryamt kissing his ass and pleading with him to stay, I get sick to my stomach.

Don’t forget that I predicted before the season started that it would be a disaster, and I have no reason to believe Year II of Deee-Wight would be any different.

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He demands to be THE MAN on his team, but he does not have the ability to be that man on a championship team – hell, on even a “good” team.

I do not know what rumors are true, but if any of the stuff going around that Deee-Wight will only stay in LA is the team dismisses coach Mike D’Antoni, that is even more egotistical garbage that this team, that this city, that basketball, does not need.

I was reported this week, after the legendary meeting at DH coral, with the Lakers’ brain trust and Howard, that Kobe has told him that if he stays, he, Kobe, would teach him him “how it’s done”, how to win.

Of course, it’s also been reported by some that Deee-Wight does not enjoy playing with and does not want to continue playing with Kobe.

In other Lakers’ news, one of the few bring lights of last season, Earl Clark, has now left, signing a free agent contract with Cleveland. Clark played for awhile way over his head, and will never be a star, but as a role player he would fit in well on a title contender, as the Lakers’ could once again be, if they rid themselves of the plague of Deee-Wight and settle down to a realistic rebuilding program.

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