Sam Hinkie – Visionary or Fool?

So, a team makes a huge deal, mortgaging its future on the back of a centerpiece player who has a history of serious injury and missing significant playing time. The team has great expectations in reaching the zenith of the basketball world, led by the play of this guy. Lo and behold, he is injured and plays not a single game the entire season, the rest of the team falls into disarray, the team never comes even close to .500 ending the year in the cellar, and both the coach and the GM are replaced.

What do they do?

Well, the new GM makes a huge deal, giving up the one remaining star player on the roster for a new centerpiece player who has not just a history of injury, but who has just had major surgery for a significant injury and who will miss a least part of the upcoming season. He who ignores the past is doomed to repeat it?

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A reasonable person would assure that the dummies running the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers learned some kind of a lesson this past year, when after trading the store, and Andre Iguodala, for Andrew Bynum, Bynum took the court as a 76er for not one, single game, and who now as an unrestricted free agent effective at midnight tomorrow will be allowed to leave their employ for greener pastures elsewhere.

Bynum’s “replacement”? Well, they traded Jrue Holiday, who they had groomed and developed for four years and saw flourish into an all-star, for the

draft rights to one Nerlens Noel, a smaller version of Bynum at only 6’10″, but who is following in his footsteps by having torn his anterior cruciate ligament, had major surgery, and is likely to not enter an NBA before 2014. For a new point guard, they drafted Michael Carter-Williams and will thus begin the development process anew there too, hoping that he can turn into a new Jrue, hopefully three years sooner.

Tony DiLeo was fired for his missteps and reliance on Bynum being sound, solid and a team leader. New general manager Sam Hinkie has apparently read not a word of the DiLeo diaries, and has repeated DiLeo’s steps to oblivion, in rapid order. Some may say what a brave and intelligent person the 76ers have making these decisions. I’ll bet on him sending out resumes a year from now.

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