Part Three: It’s Over, Zoilo

As all good things must come to an end, sometimes bad things do as well, and the very thought that the scumstripe yankee thing would come up with its own Puig-mania or Troutiness, was hard to take. But in the best tradition of the original Zoilo, the Ghost of Zoilo, one Zoilo Almonte, has hit the wall, and his day, his 15 minutes, is over.

The Ghost of Zoilo had started out with a bang, hitting .583 and driving in four after his first five big league games. Well, since then the Ghost has now gone oh-for-everything, dropping his average to .318. If he continue to play, which won’t be for much longer, he

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will soon drop below Mr. Worthless Wells, who is currently at .223, then the line named for Mr. Mendoza, and then into oblivion, becoming a distant memory, of what could have been – a real major leaguer named Zoilo.

This probably means more playing time for Mr. Worthless, unless the yankees search the depth and breath of the world, seeking out and actually finding yet another Zoilo. Ya never know. Remember, from 1956 through 1961, two major league teams had catchers named Hal Smith. Granted, Smith is a little

more common than Zoilo, but still, two players, who regularly play the same position, on two different teams, at the same time, with the same name. And also remember there were only 16 major league teams through 1960 (meaning 12.5% of ALL major league teams had catchers named Hall Smith), and still only 20 in 1962 and on for several more years. Remember, too, that there have been two major league pitchers named Steve Ontiveros.

I’m waiting for the Ghost of the Ghost, Zoilo number three.

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