Bye, Bye, Deee-Wight, Hello, Ryan Kelly

On a day when Chris Broussard has reported in detail that the laughing man, the one and only Deee-Wight Howard, has played his final game in a Lakers’ uniform, the team used their one and only draft choice to select 6’11″ Duke-ie, Ryan Kelly. I’ll take Kelly over the failed Howard experiment.

Broussard wrote for ESPN that Deee-Wight neither likes playing for coach Mike D’Antoni, nor likes playing alongside Kobe Bryant, and in particular cannot see himself continuing to be the second fiddle to Bryant for a few more years. His ego is so immense that he would forgo the $30 M difference that the Lakers can pay him over the maximum that any other team is allowed to pay, because he has to be the number one guy. What a jerk.

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While Broussard described how Houston and Dallas would be the front-runners to sign Howard, with Atlanta distant third, he also says that Howard would love to do a sign-and-trade deal with the Clippers, but that the Lakers would never make such a deal. He neglects to say why he would not then consider a free agent contract with the Clippers.

Well, Deee-Wight can take his ego and his laughing gas and his over-rated, divisive game, and to to Texas or Georgia, and ruin another franchise. But please, leave LA!

As to Kelly, The Lakers’ have a great shooting big man (42.2% on three-point-shoots) who excels in the high post, and who can get on a hot streak and carry a team, as she showed when he returned to Duke late last season after missing several weeks with an injury. On thing he has over Howard is a great basketball IQ and instincts – he won’t be making many dumb mistakes, even as a rookie.

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