Dodgers’ Starting Pitching – A Mirror that Reflects the Season

The Dodgers beat the San Diego Padres this evening, behind the pitching of Zack Greinke. The score was 6-1, and the win gave Greinke a season’s record of 4-2. Even with the win, the 31-42 Dodgers remain in the National League West cellar, five and one-half games behind the next-best team, the .500 Colorado Rockies, and six and one-half games behind the third place Padres, who, along with the Rockies, were picked by most pundits to be the teams most likely to be occupying that cellar spot.

73 games into the season, encroaching on the half-way point, the Dodgers’ anticipated star-studded big five of their starting staff, Clayton Kershaw (5 wins), Zack Greinke (4 wins), Josh Beckett (0 wins), Ted Lilly (0 wins), and Chad Billingsley (1 win) have finally tonight reached the total of TEN games won for the season. That group has now, finally, surpassed the total earlier reached by the foursome of rookie Hyun-Jin Ryu (6 wins), Chris Capuano (2 wins), Stephen Fife (1 win), and Matt Magill (0 wins).

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Add it together, and in 73 games, that is the grand total of 19 wins from the starting staff of the best team money can buy. Combined, the “Big Five” of Kershaw, Greinke, Beckett, Lilly, and Billingsley are taking home the sum of $73 Million, and that works out, so far this season, to about $7.3 Million per victory.

When Guggenheim Baseball Management and their billions of dollars took over ownership of the Dodgers a little more than one year ago, hope and excitement filled the air above Dodger Stadium; fans were

hopeful of a return to the glory and excitement of years past. The new management exploited that hope, and spent, spent, and spent some more. Each additional dollar increased expectations, each new acquisition further heightened the knowledge that this would be the Dodgers’ year.

As former Dodgers’ star and Fox commentator Eric Karros said on tonight’s broadcast, this Dodgers’ team is not a work in progress, designed to blossom over the long haul into a winner, but it is, rather built for today with high priced and aging veterans, who are expected to produce and to win now. That experiment has been a dismal failure.

Management has made many mistakes, wasting ungodly sums of money on overpriced players, and still, most of all, in refusing to accept the fact that this team will NEVER be a solid, winning, major league team, with the empty uniform non-manager don mattingly in charge. They cannot rid the roster of their high priced mistakes in any quick and easy fashion. They can rid the team of the mistake in charge by firing mattingly. NOW!

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