Dodgers to Play in Australia + Bad Umps: Can They ALL Go Now?

As bean balls threaten the lives of major league stars and as games are decided by outright wrong calls by umpires, the best the ayatollahs of baseball can come up with is sending oil and water – the LA Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks – to start next season in, …., wait for it,…. AUSTRALIA!

The ayatollahs handed out laughingly light penalties after last week’s Dodgers-D’Backs bean ball warfare, letting America’s number one headhunter, former trojan brain surgeon ian kennedy, off with a microscopic ten-game suspension, which means he will miss all of ONE start. And worse yet, assuming kennedy is still a major leaguer and not a convicted felon for killing someone by the time next March comes around, these two squads will be traveling 8,000 miles toegther to Down Under to play the 2014 season-opening series. Together. THESE two teams. What can POSSIBLY go wrong, he asks inquisitively?

Sounds like a cage fight to me – send two groups of pro athletes who 1) hate each other’s guts, and 2) have no qualms about viscously attacking each other, including with deadly weapons, to the ends of the earth to duel it out? Sounds like it’s made for Pay-TV to me.

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Along with the fact that umpires throughout baseball have totally failed to exercise their authority to stop this beanball madness as it begins to erupt in specific games, they continue to make game-changing calls in game after game. The latest was yesterday, in the Angeles-yankees finale of their three game series.

The Angels had won the first two games, but fell behind 6-0 going into the bottom of the ninth. The Angels started hitting, and had closed the gap to 6-1 and had the bases loaded when the former Mariano Rivera was brought in. He allowed four more runs to

score, and with two out, and the bases again loaded, and with the yankees holding on to a 6-5 lead, up stepped Albert Pujols. Thanks to home plate umpire Larry Vanover, Pujols struck out on two strikes. Rivera made three pitches to Pujols, and there were no questions about pitches two and three, clearly two strikes, though the final pitch was way inside and Pujols made a half-hearted swing while bailing away, trying not to be hit by the pitch. BUT the first pitch Rivera made was in no way, shape, or form a strike, despite being called a strike by Vanover. The electronic equipment that show the location of every pitch for the TV audience showed the pitch to be considerably inside, maybe a full foot inside, but it was called strike one, changed the entire at bat, and resulted in a two-strike strikeout, ending the game.

I’ve got a better idea: Keep the Dodgers and D’Backs in the good ole’ USA and send the umps 8,000 miles away. Then, install electronics all around every major league field, with one new official monitoring the equipment, and get ready for every call to be the right one.

The ayatollahs will never go for it.

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