It’s TIme for the Dodgers to Step Up and Save Bryan Stowe

Two and 1/3 years ago occurred the blackest, most disgusting day in Dodgers’ history, when a couple of thugs in the Stadium parking lot left for dead the beaten, almost lifeless body of San Francisco resident and Giants’ fan Bryan Stowe.

As the gears of civil litigation slowly grind forward, the crisis for Mr. Stowe is NOW. His insurance has run its course, and he has been evicted from the live-in care facility where he had been living and receiving treatment. He has now been forced to move back in with his family, where they are unable to provide the level of care he must have if he is to even maintain the improvement he has seen, let alone continue to progress.

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The McCourt-era liability insurance company has refused to settle claims arising from the incident, as is standard operating procedure in the vile, uncaring insurance industry. But baseball should be different. Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten, Mark Walter, and the rest of the millionaires and billionaires at Guggenheim Baseball Management and Guggenheim Partners who own and operate the Dodgers, now is the time to do the right thing!

You are paying Ted Lilly an average of $11 Million per

year. You are paying the arson squad leader Brandon League $5.5 Million this year. You are paying Hanley Ramirez $15 Million this year and he has played in 10, count them, 10 games this season. Andre Ethier and his five home runs and seventeen runs batted in are being paid over $13 Million this season. Josh Becket’s contract pays him an average of $17 Million per season, and he has provided the Dodgers ZERO wins this season in eight appearances.

You have money to throw at any decrepit, over-the-hill or never-was semi-ballplayer. Use some of that money to help out someone who needs it, a baseball fan whose life was destroyed because of a visit to YOUR ballpark.

And do it NOW!

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