Angels Rolling, Dodgers on Collapsed Bridge to Oblivion

Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo, Chris Iannetta, most of the rest of the Angels’ offense, and the rejuvenated starting staff have now spearheaded the team to seven straight victories, as they rocket towards the top of the American League West. A decent pitching performance from Joe Blanton, consistency from Jason Vargas, a great start out of nowhere and his first major league win in four years from Billy Buckner, and the impending return next week of Jered Weaver, have seemingly righted the team’s biggest weakness that contributed mightily to their horrid start.

With even Josh Hamilton hitting key home runs, the ship looks like it has been righted, and Mike Scioscia’s Angels are playing the best baseball of any team in the majors.

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And then there is the disgrace of Chavez Ravine, the best team money can buy, but one with a solid-gold engine, forced by its owners to run on reconstituted lemon juice, store brand, out of a plastic bottle.

Earlier this week, it looked like the high-octane tanker-trucks were lining up on Elysian Park Blvd., at the ready to fill the Dodgers’ tank with a REAL major league manager. But, alas, perhaps it was all a pipe dream; perhaps that win on Wednesday against the equally bad 19-28 Brewers saved the skin of the empty uniform.

The last place 19-27 Los Angeles Dodgers, skippered by lemon juice don mattingly, are the laughingstock of baseball. matttingly has actually been newsworthy lately and for reasons OTHER than a) his overall, total, lack of competence and b) the team’s constant losing), and it has not been pretty. In the past week, he has publicly disparaged Andre Ethier, and he has otherwise aired team laundry in the press, criticizing the team, its performance, and its dedication, while of course ignoring the core problem, him.

He uttered much of this public discourse at a pre-game news conference last night, and he really made a mark on the team. Apparently seeking to clear the air and create a better atmosphere, what he provided is an atmosphere of toxic gasses, further ripping apart what ever shred of legitimacy the Dodgers’ team had left when it returned home. The pathetic team played last night’s game, following the mattingly presser, with a total lack of dedication and interest, losing 7-0.

What more will it take to send the empty uniform packing? It’s a mystery.

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