Conflicting Reports on Mattingly – Will He Finally Be GONE?

Reports are rampant in the media regarding the status of the empty uniform, the guy the Dodgers’ laughingly call a major league manager, don mattingly. As the best team money can buy comes off a three game sweep at the hands of the Braves and languishes in last place at 17-25, it becomes clearer as each day passes that this team of high-priced talent is in shambles. Despite protests from some media mavens, mattingly must go.

Fox News’ Ken Rosenthal, though, has given us hope, with his report that the empty uniform could be gone this week, most likely with the deed to be done on the Thursday off-day, before the Dodgers head home to meet St. Louis and the Angels.

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And speaking of the Angels, therein lies a most interesting scenario, as the misinformed listeners of the Mason and Ireland KSPN radiofest have heard, sort of. First, the radio duo say nay to rumors of the departure of mattingly, arguing that there is no one available who would be a better fit, unless Tony La Russa was willing to end his short-lived retirement and take the job. They totally discounted any current Dodgers’ coaches, including that guy coaching third, who is the number one manager-in-waiting in baseball, the guy that I have said for two years is the guy that SHOULD be at the Dodgers’ helm, Tim Wallach.

But where Mason and Ireland really screwed up was when the subject of Mike Scioscia came up, when they unilaterally discounted any possibility of him becoming the Dodgers’ manager, saying it could only happen by trade, and “who ever heard of trading for a manager? … Is it even possible?

Well, guys, you not only SHOULD be aware of the legendary trade back in the 1960s when Cleveland and Detroit swapped managers Jimmy Dykes and Joe Gordon, but you ABSOLUTELY should know all about the trade this past off-season, where the Boston Red Sox traded infielder Mike Aviles to Toronto for manager John Farrell.

It is very unlikely that the Angels would actually trade Scioscia to the Dodgers, though there certainly is precedent for such a deal. Besides the likelihood that the team, despite its slow, disappointing start, would still want Scioscia in charge, he has a contract that runs through 2018, and it is unlikely that any team, even one like the Dodgers that trades for hundreds of millions of dollars in player contracts, would trade for a manager they would be on the hook in paying for five years.

Should the very unlikely event of the Angels firing Scioscia actually occur, the Dodgers would jump at the chance to hire him under that circumstance. I also suppose that La Russa could be lured to LA, but the most likely scenario, once the empty uniform is gone, would be the job rightly going to Wallach.

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