A Six-and-One-Half Hour Game Lost, More Injuries, and the Angels are Reeling

So last night, the LA Angels took a 7-2 lead into the eight inning, and Oakland scored four runs to get close, and then a tying run in the ninth. The game went to the 15th inning, when each team scored a run, and then they played four more innings, until Brandon Moss homered (for the second time in the game) with a man on, and after six-and-one-half hours, sometime around a quarter to two in the morning, the Angels had lost, 10-8.

To make matters far worse, this morning, the Angels placed their eighth player this month on the disabled list. Center Fielder Peter Bourjos, who has been playing brilliantly at bat, in the field, and on the basepaths, pulled a hamstring in the 11th inning lat night, and is out for who knows how long.

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The one bit of good news the Angels did have is that shortstop Erick Aybar has been activated, and is, hopefully, recovered and ready to play. When Aybar was out light-hitting subs were batting at the bottom of the order, I was thinking that with Bourjos hitting so well, especially since moving from the nine spot to leadoff, with Mike Trout moving from leadoff to second in the order, that once Aybar was back, the top of the order could be Bourjos, Aybar, Trout, and then Pujols, Hamilton, and Trumbo, and THAT is one balanced, powerful, run-producing one-through-six.

But, alas, it is not to be, at least not yet, and with Trout now back in center, and with Trumbo playing first most of the time due to Pujols’ foot problems making him the DH, there is now a great, big hole in left field. I guess J.B. Shuck will get the first shot, at least against righties. Super-sub Brendan Harris, who has done a good overall job since getting the call to fill in a short, has played over 500 major league games, but while he has filled in at all four infield spots, he has never played the outfield in the majors. Could he be in left against lefties, like tonight against the A’s Jarrod Parker? Pujols did play first last night, for all 19 innings, so if he made it through that with out aggravating his foot, and can continue to play first, Trumbo can play left, and any of these guys and Hank Conger can DH.

More about injuries and all those pitchers on the DL, later.

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