Can the Lakers Come Back from the Brink, Like Boston? No, No They Can’t

After being thoroughly outplayed in three games, the Boston Celtics would not say die, and came back today to outplay the Knicks, and win just about wire-to-wire, 97-90. Down three games to none, can the Lakers do the same today against San Antonio? Clearly, no, they can’t.

And the reason they can’t is not because of all those injured guards, though the latest injury the team has suffered, that to the meta tag artest psycho thing, is a big plus for the team, NOT having it on the court. No, amazingly, the deep subs culled from the

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recesses of the Lakers’ horrid bench, have played well, especially in the last game, when the forgotten and maligned Darius Morris went 9-15 from the floor, scoring 24 points and tossing out six assists, and when Andrew Goudelock put in 20 points and contributed three steals.

It’s not to say the game would not be considerably closer if the Lakers’ lineup included, at full capacity, Steve Nash, Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, and oh yea, Kobe Bryant, but the fact of the matter is, for most of the year San Antonio was likely the NBA’s second best team, and only lost that lofty perch with its own injuries, in particular those suffered by Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. As they return to health, and to form, the Spurs are again a far more talented and better coached team, and one that was built around

a plan of pieces that fit together, not a willy-nilly go get the big guy the fan’s want theory of team-building, regardless of the consequences of square pegs in round holes.

The Lakers’ made the playoffs by a miracle, and clearly, they do not belong. The agony will end later today, and I really, really hope that we have seen the last games in Lakers’ uniforms for the meta tag artest psycho thing and for Deee-Wight Howard.

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