Baseball, History, Marathons, and Tragedy

April 15 – Jackie Robinson Day; a day when baseball reflects on the birth of its modern, true history, April 15, 1947.

Also a day when the San Diego Padres, without Carlos Quentin and his slap-in-the-face eight game suspension, open a series in Dodger Stadium, where one can expect animosities to immediately rekindle, and new acts of stupidity to prevail. Hopefully not, but expected, yes. We can only hope for no injuries, and no further suspensions.

Majestic Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers Cooperstown Baseball Jersey #42

But in Boston, on a day of yearly celebration, the really, really stupid have prevailed, at least for today. There is no explanation for such an act of violence and desperation, with the numbers of innocent victims growing by the hour.

A desperate man of modest intelligence, meager education, and who lived and died a life of violence, is famous for saying “Can’t we all just get along?” History tells us no, emphatically NO, in politics, in sports, in life, a clear NO. And we are sent constant reminders. from Carlos Quentin, forgetting everything he ever learned about baseball strategy

and rushing the mound to break the shoulder of Zack Greinke, to a presently anonymous person or persons who take pride in killing and maiming random individuals eight to 80, at a moment of jubilation, fearing only that the race and the holiday was coming to an end. Not the end about which they ever gave a thought.

And tomorrow is another day. We can hope for better, but then we face reality.

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