Stupidity in Baseball

So Carlos Quentin is the modern-day Ron Hunt: He has been hit by pitches more times than any other major leaguer over the past five years, and he owns the single season hit-by-pitch records for both the White Sox and the Padres. So, he gets hit a lot.

Last night in San Diego, the Dodgers were leading the Padres 2-1 when Quentin came up to lead off the bottom of the sixth, and he drew a 3-2 count off the $147 Million Man, Dodgers’ righty Zack Greinke. The next pitch plunked Quentin in the shoulder. The stupid idiot Quentin, failing to realize that there was NO WAY IN HELL that Greinke would have intentionally hit him in that situation, charged the mound, and slammed Greinke, who he outweighs by close to 50 pounds, shoulder-to-shoulder, and a near riot ensued. Here is the video:

New video – original one used became unavailable.

When the dust cleared, Greinke had a broken left collarbone, and will miss two months or more. Quentin will likely receive a suspension for something like three to eight games. He SHOULD be suspended until Greinke is fully healed and returns to active duty, but I’m not holding my breadth for that to happen. There will likely be additional suspensions, as other players also acted like brainless dolts following the plunking. There are even reports of a later confrontation between Quentin and Matt Kemp after the game, with words relating to next week’s Dodgers-Padres series in Los Angeles, which begins, interestingly enough, with Jackie Robinson Day on Monday, April 15.

Remember when I wrote about how the Dodgers need to keep both Chris Capuano and Aaron Harang “Just in Case”? Well, Capuano is still a Dodger and will likely take Greinke’s spot in the rotation, but the powers that be did choose to trade Harang, and the rotation has nowhere to go beyond the new five, at least until such time as Ted Lilly may be able to throw a pitch in an actual game. I’m not holding my breadth for that one, either.

As long s we are talking about stupidity in baseball, I have to again mention the Angels and Joe Blanton. When last I spoke of Blanton, he was coming off his first disastrous start for the pitching-thin Angels. Since then, he made a second start which was so bad it made his first game look like a gem. Against Oakland, he gave up 10 hits and six runs in five innings, and for the season he now has an ERA of 9.00, has given up four home runs in 10 innings, and opposing batters are hitting a robust .370 off of him.

You can NEVER have too much pitching, and the Dodgers’ should have kept Aaron Harang, and the Angels and GM Jerry Dipoto went in a very bad direction when they chose to part ways with Ervin Santana and Dan Haren.

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