Steve Alford Responds to 2002 Incident at Iowa

Today, UCLA Basketball Head Coach Steve Alford, and AD Dan Guerrero, responded to the revelations about a 2002 incident that occurred when Alford was coaching at the University of Iowa, which we discussed last week (“Steve Alford, Andy Enfield, and What Does It All Mean?”).

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The incident involved Alford jumping to conclusions and defending the innocence of a player accused of sexual assault, before knowing the true facts. There were unsubstantiated allegations that Alford went so far as to request a third party to intervene and attempt to influence the victim to not proceed with the criminal prosecution.

Alford has now apologized for his conduct back in 2002, including apologizing to the victim, and he has assured the community that should any such incident occur now, that he “…would handle the situation much differently, with the appropriate regard and respect for the investigative process and those impacted by it.” You can see his full statement, and the follow-up from Guerrero, here.

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